Patterned Fabrics

The Lace Cottage is a specialty fabric and design store for children and heirloom sewing.

We are a full service specialty shop that carries fine quality fabrics, laces, trims, and patterns. We provide also provide a variety of classes for everyone from beginners to the experienced hand worker.  

Meet The Artists

Leslie Bennett.png

Leslie Bennett

Expertise: Heirloom, Hand Embroidery

Favorite Stitch: Bullion Roses, Feather Stitch

I’ve always been around creative people. One of my earliest memories is of my Dad sitting behind a sewing machine making silk neck ties for gifts. My uncle worked in a high end fabric store and he gave us remnants of luscious silk, cotton, and velvet fabrics. I always had great fabrics to play with and loved visiting him at work. A fabric store was my happy place, then and now!

Montye Anderson.png

Montye Anderson

Expertise: Smocking, Embroidery

Favorite Stitch: Shadow Work Embroidery, Bullions

I started sewing with both my grandmothers and an aunt. In college, I majored in Fashion Merchandising. I started with business suits for my mom and myself, and later grew to make bridesmaids dresses and wedding dresses.


 Basic Construction, Heirloom, Bishop Construction, Beginning Smocking, Sit & Sew

Rosemarie Hubbard.png

Rosemarie Hubbard

Expertise:  Heirloom

Favorite Stitch: Feather Stitch

My mother’s housekeeper probably had the biggest influence on me regarding sewing. She tried teaching me to cook and I certainly didn’t want any part of cooking!

Rosemarie Hubbard

Expertise:  Heirloom

Favorite Stitch: Feather Stitch

Rose Smith.png

Rose Smit

Expertise: Embroidery, Shadow Work,

Design and Garment Construction

 Favorite Stitch: Feather Stitch

When I was younger, I loved to watch my grandmother sew. She was a big influence on me and taught me everything I know.


Smocking, Hand Embroidery, Garment Construction

Regina Sanford.png

Regina Sanford

Expertise: Bishops

Favorite Stitch: Smocking Stitches

I used to watch my grandmother sit at the Singer treadle sewing machine making dresses and quilts. That machine is what I started sewing on. I took several classes through SAGA.


Bishop Class Assistant

Kittie Hadskey.png

Kit Hadskey

Expertise:  Handwork, Smocking, Shadow Work

Favorite Stitch: Shadow Work Stitch

I had been doing cross-stitch and needlepoint for many years when I decided to tackle smocking. I couldn’t seem to get enough of this beautiful art! Then I had the challenge of putting outfits and dresses together. My first real heirloom experience was at the Martha Pullen school. After a challenging 4 days, I finally completed my first heirloom party dress.


Beginning Smocking, Hand Embroidery

Terri Norwood.png

Terri Norwood

Expertise: Embroidery, Heirloom Sewing 

 Favorite Stitch:  bullion roses and little lazy daisy flowers

My mother taught me to do counted cross stitch with her when I was a little girl, and from there, I learned to do other types of needle arts. What really made me excited about sewing was having a baby girl to sew for.


Basic Embroidery, Shadow Embroidery

Vivian Sturks.png

Vivian Sturks

Phyllis Knose.png

Phyllis Knose